12 year old Entrepreneur as seen on Channel 7 Sunrise

My story

I am Tadyn Flood. I am 11 years old. I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I sell candles to save for technology gadgets. I make the candles but I also provide job opportunities for disadvantaged Aussies. 

In 2015 when I was 8 years old I wanted an Apple Watch. My mum and dad said they wouldn’t buy the watch for me, but I could do chores until I had enough to buy it myself.

I like learning new things so I asked if I could borrow money to buy a candle making kit and sell the candles. I found a kit on the internet and when it arrived, I searched YouTube video instructions and made all six candles straight away. I sold them to my family for $5 each and bought more supplies.

I found some markets on the internet and convinced mum to take me to sell my candles. At the markets, customers are very friendly. Sometimes they ask if I am helping mum, but mum is helping me!

After each market, I count the money, buy more supplies and put the rest in my ANZ Apple Pay bank account. I am making too much money to do school banking.

In January 2016, I bought my Apple watch. It is really cool! Now I am saving for a shop or a safe factory for my workers.

My candles come in six flavours. Every candle has a surprise sparkling ring inside. The warm wax is a skin moisturiser. Limited edition scents are Hot Cross Bun, Mother’s Day Rose and Unicorn.

Look after our world by returning your empty glass and buy a new candle for a cheaper price.

I practice spelling when I write the labels and maths when I do my banking. My Square contactless tap-n-go payment reader accepts card payments.

I drew my logo which says my initials and I made my own website.

I am in Year 5 at Malvern Valley Primary School. I have two younger brothers. My brothers want to join my business but I’ve told them I will help them “start their own business”.

Find me at markets or follow me at:

Facebook      candlebytf

Instagram      #candlebytf

Website         candlebytf.com

Email             info@candlebytf.com