12 year old Entrepreneur as seen on Channel 7 Sunrise



My collaboration with SquareAU started in 2016 when I was de-registered by another payment system for being too young. 

I found my first SquareAU card reader at Officeworks and easily registered my SquareAU account - I had my own card payment system up and running in minutes.

Most market customers like to pay with card, not many have cash.

At the end of 2016, I was asked by SquareAU to test the new 'cardless tap-n-go reader' prototype. The details were a secret until it was released to the media. During the launch, Channel 7 filmed my interview on TV with Sam and Kochie.  

I love the new SquareAU cardless tap-n-go reader. It is light to carry, cheap to buy and quick to use. Customers just tap their card to pay and immediately I can send them a digital SMS or email. It is awesome!

Thank you SquareAU for disrupting card payment systems and taking on the world, just like me. 

Tadyn 11yo Entrepreneur